Camper Van Beethoven

Camper Van BeethovenTrue to the freewheeling, joyfully schizophrenic swirl of rock, punk, ska, folk, world music and (insert next genre-bending style here) that has defined the Camper Van Beethoven aesthetic since the enduring lineup took shape circa mid-80s, La Costa Perdida, their debut on 429 Records and first recording since New Roman Times in 2004, brings a listener into the strange world of the northern California coast above San Francisco.

“I’ve played with a lot of other bands in between Camper Van Beethoven tours and recordings,” says Victor Krummenacher, “but there’s never the power, energy or camaraderie with anyone else that I have felt with these guys. There’s just something about playing with the guys you came up with that is unique, unpredictable and exciting at the same time. It’s always very intuitive with us, almost like we can read each other’s minds and know David’s harmonic facility so well that we instinctively know where the song is going to go.”

To which David Lowery adds, “All bands have strengths and weaknesses, and for us, often times, they are the same things. We always have so many musical ideas all going at once, and there’s always another melody playing as I’m singing. That’s a challenge, just knowing how to simplify, but I think we do that on La Costa Perdida better than any previous recording. I love the fact that it’s so concise stylistically and thematically consistent throughout.”