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Thank you for checking out If you’re here, you’ve probably discovered that Radio 92.9 is a different type of radio station. We have a simple formula – more music and less blah, blah, blah…that is our brand promise. We play fewer commercials than any other station and feature stand-alone commercial islands letting the listener know – “we’ll be back in one minute after a quick word from this great sponsor…”

We are the top ranked rock station with Adults 18-34 and Adults 25-44* and deliver affluent, upwardly mobile consumers who are in their age of acquisition. The perfect blend of Gen-Y and Gen-X – gender balanced delivery of urbanites and new suburbanites with consumer buying power. They love the station for the music that we play and the fact that we deliver it in a way that matches their consumer lifestyle. Whether they get us in their cars; on-line at work; or on their iPhone app – Radio 92.9 is an easy favorite of this on-demand consumer generation.

Radio 92.9 reaches:
608k listeners per week
Core audience of Adults 25-44
#1 rock station with Adults 18-34 and 25-44
#1 Radio Station in the Market with Adults 25-44 with a household income of $100k+
75% of our listeners are college educated
30% have or are working on graduate degrees
Radio 929 delivers almost 75k adults 25-34 with kids under 3

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