Amy's Pick of the Week

Here, Amy Brooks gives you a cool new song to check out and explains just why it's worth sharing.
  • Modest Mouse - "Lampshades on Fire"

    Modest Mouse, the great indie band out of Washington state who's name came from a Virginia Wolf story "The Mark on the Wall" where she writes...something about the "minds of modest, mouse-coloured people", has a new song after 7 years and it is far less cerebral than the inception of their name.  "Lampshades on Fire" their first song from their forthcoming album Strangers to Ourselves, begs Isaac Brock's question, 'so where to now?"  Just as i suspected, we are all going to hell. Read More
  • Bush - The Only Way Out

    Not dark, not dirge. No, instead I’d say (in a word or two)… bright and inspiring. Bush recently released “The Only Way Out” as their lead single off of their forthcoming album “Man On The Run” (their 2nd in 10 years and their 6th in the past 20) due in the US October 21st. Here’s the thing Read More
  • Hozier - Take Me To Church

    Gospel on a rock station. It happens. Of course I can’t think of when, but it’s happening now and not only at Boston’s Alternative, Radio 92.9 but all over the world. Andrew Hozier Byrne—a 24-year-old Irishman who goes by his middle name, is oooozzzing with serious passion. His debut, "Take Me To Church" as he explains in an online interview, is about sexuality. "There is no greater celebration of life, and nothing more human than a sexual act." Read More

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