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Hi, I'm Nicholas. Age 28

I live in: Bedford

Who are you interested in meeting? (Guys, Girls...get the picture?): Girls

Favorite artists/bands : : Foo Fighters, Weezer, The Police, Blink 182

What qualities I seek in a partner : : Honesty, fun-loving

Turn-ons :: A sweet smile.

Turn-offs :: Celebrity gossip. I understand some people care, but I honestly don't.

Why other users would find me interesting :: I'm a great listener (yes it's true) but at the same time, I've got plenty of stories in the memory queue.

Describe your body type (keep it clean kids):: Slender and toned

What kind of relationship are you looking for:: Not really sure, I don't mind short or long term as long as it's clear what it is upfront.

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