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Richard James & The Name Changers


Band description: Rock & Roll
City you'll find us playing out in most often:: Boston
Featured Song Title: Left For Dead
Band Members: Richard, Patrick, Matthew, Ben, Lee & William
Band Hometown: Andover, MA
Tell us your bands greatest Rock Experience: Playing with Edward Sharp & The Magnetic Zero's this Summer in Canada!
Band Website/Facebook Page:
Link to listen to our song:
Band Contact (Full Name Email Phone) Rick Umlah - 617-780-2842 (Rick Umlah - 617-780-2842 (
Band bio/info: Richard James & The Name Changers form a sound fusing together energetic piano driven rock, with tight guitar jams and funked out horn lines. The band takes the blues / jam aspect of The Allman Brothers, and infuse it with intricate and melodic songwriting producing a unique sound. Hailing from the Northshore of Boston, this 6 piece band has been known to explore musically in front of crowds between 50 people, to 5,000 people in a way that captures the likes of older classic rock fans, and young, energized electronic / jam band fans. This group has been known to explore the unknown live, and go places that the crowd would never expect, interweaving both originals and covers in and out from one song to the next keeping the audience on their toes. The bands live shows are always different and packed with energy, leaving the crowd wanting more!
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