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Life on Hold


Band description: Pop Rock w/ lots of vocal harmonies
City you'll find us playing out in most often:: Cambridge/Lowell
Featured Song Title: Forever and Always
Band Members: Ally Mahoney, Steve Aliperta, Joe Aylward, Nate Wan
Band Hometown: Billerica, MA
Tell us your bands greatest Rock Experience: Opening for We the Kings at Showcase Live in December to a sold out crowd.
Band Website/Facebook Page:
Link to listen to our song:
Band Contact (Full Name Email Phone) Joe Aylward Joe Aylward 978-930-1851 978-930-1851
Band bio/info: Since February 2007, Life on Hold has caught the ear of kids and bookers alike with their catchy multi-genre influenced sound and signature layered harmonies. Fusing pop melodies with straight up aggressive music, this female-fronted band knows how to impress with their dead-on live performances and stalwart work ethic. Having now played with a slew of national acts including We The Kings, Rookie of the Year and Permanent Me, a new EP in the works, and touring on a regular basis, Life on Hold is looking to spread their sound on a national basis.
Submitted by Joe Aylward from Somerville On 4/22/2011  · This has been rated 833 times.