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Band description: We play rock and roll. Dig it.
City you'll find us playing out in most often:: Boston area
Featured Song Title: Trainwreck
Band Members: Mitch Therieau, Ben Bosco, Mike Loughlin
Band Hometown: Lexington/Bedford
Tell us your bands greatest Rock Experience: Brushing our teeth
Band Website/Facebook Page:
Link to listen to our song:
Band Contact (Full Name Email Phone) Email us as Email us as
Band bio/info: We are BOSCO, and we are a lot of things. We're a band of kids from Massachusetts who bonded over their mutual love of good old heartland rock and roll in the vein of Tom Petty. We're also a hit vaudeville act in Romania. Apart from the last one, all of those things are true. Initially stemming off a respected pop-rock band on the Boston teen band scene, BOSCO screwed around with covers throughout the spring and summer of 2010, until one day singer/guitarist Mitch Therieau got thoroughly pissed about something and wrote a song. It was an instant hit with Mike and Ben, and we were off to the races with what would become "Trainwreck." Several band nights, talent shows, charity events, and song sketches later, we come before you offering some fresh tunes recorded and mixed by Elio DeLuca at the Soul Shop in Medford, MA. We're pretty proud of how they came out, so give us a listen if you get the chance and let us know what you think! If you like what you hear, please don't hesitate to drop us a line if you need some music for your event.
Submitted by Mitch Therieau from Lexington On 4/26/2011  · This has been rated 17 times.