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Band description: rock/powerpop
City you'll find us playing out in most often:: Cambridge, Boston
Featured Song Title: The Greatest Song In The World Ever
Band Members: Peter Fernandez, Josh Caissie, Jason Provost
Band Hometown: Boston
Tell us your bands greatest Rock Experience: Well, I guess it was our very first show where we had a sweet draw
Band Website/Facebook Page:
Link to listen to our song:
Band Contact (Full Name Email Phone) Peter Fernandez Peter Fernandez 603 930 1553 603 930 1553
Band bio/info: Preamble came to form because one guy knew a guy and another one married his sister. Preamble plays music that is rockin' and fun. They have two goals for every performance. 1- Everyone has a good time and a few laughs. 2- No socks remain on any feet. (You know, cause of the rock.) Preamble Rocks hard, smells good and never shakes babies. Preamble is primarily influenced by the sultry sounds of the 1990s. Other influences include pretty girls and money.
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