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Vivian Darkbloom


Band description: Boston indie rock band raucous, intellectual & technologicaly innovative.l
City you'll find us playing out in most often:: Boston
Featured Song Title: I'm Not What You Need
Band Members: Rob Morris, Brian Skerratt, Mike Forrester
Band Hometown: Cambridge, MA
Tell us your bands greatest Rock Experience: Opening for Airborne Toxic Event
Band Website/Facebook Page:
Link to listen to our song: I'm Not What You Need Cold War Whatever
Band Contact (Full Name Email Phone) Rob Morris Rob Morris 617-851-4967 617-851-4967
Band bio/info: Founded by an MIT student who invents cat toys, a poetry expert fluent in Chinese, and a math savant who once held the Minesweeper world record, Vivian Darkbloom is the geeky-hip grad student's take on alt/indie rock. Current members Rob Morris (vocals, guitars), Brian Skerratt (bass, keyboards, vocals), and Mike Forrester (drums) combine to form a sound reflective of their home city; raucous, intellectual, and technologically innovative. Last year, they opened for The Airborne Toxic Event.
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