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Andrew Scot


Band description: Rock, Acoustic, Alternative
City you'll find us playing out in most often:: Somerville
Featured Song Title: Friendly Fire
Band Members: himself
Band Hometown: Somerville
Tell us your bands greatest Rock Experience: existing on 92.9's website, for sure
Band Website/Facebook Page:
Link to listen to our song:
Band Contact (Full Name Email Phone)
Band bio/info: Andrew Scot has been writing, recording, and performing music since 2001. Most songs are written on the acoustic guitar, then later transformed during the recording process into something new. His professional career has included lead vocals, guitar, and keys in a Radiohead cover band (Belisha Beacon), fronting an original rock group (jesus Grocery), and performing originals acoustically. Originating from southern New Hampshire (Nashua), Andrew now lives in Somerville, MA and aims to establish a reputation in the greater Boston area.
Submitted by Andrew from Somerville On 1/23/2012  · This has been rated 39 times.