Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know?

Can someone please run me a cold shower?

"Have you got color in your cheeks
Do you ever get the feeling that you can't shift the tide
That sticks around like something's in your teeth..."

Articles I have read have suggested Arctic Monkeys have produced a sexed up track here...but the lyrics suggest this is a simple love/break up song.  Ok, I admit to needing a cold shower after 4+ minutes of the driving beat and stinging guitar. Hypnotic, sexy, slow and grinding.  That's the music, that's the vibe. But Alex Turner's lyrics are humble and...rather sweet. Other songs on their new and 5th studio record may have that sex, lust, I want you tone but here on Do I Wanna Know, it's simply a "should I come crawling back to you?" song.

Now back to the sex. Arctic Monkeys seem to have an efforltess ability to produce sound that oozes passion and wanting and fans are compelled. But that's not all. This band is the real deal, constantly re-inventing themselves, true artists. Arctic Monkeys, a once thought grunge-esque British rock quartet, is now, (possibly since their move to LA?) a creative group focused on their changing art form complete with glam-style raw deliberate beats, hypnotic guitar and expressive vocals. This new album, AM,and especially this track, "Do I Wanna Know", has a Bowie edge in it's progressive and unique flair. Did I mention slow grinding beats?

Check out this song and their mesmerizing video here. Then run the cold water. 

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