Chvrches: no I didn't spell it wrong.

"The Mother We Share"

They didn't think the "v" was a big deal. Their friend who did the art for the band stylized the "u" in Churches as a Roman "u" and they just carried it along to the printed name. Now, lead singer Laura Mayberry says, "people ask 'How do you pronounce that?'" But they seem to be ok with being in a band  that has a funny spelling. Chvrches is a young trio who calls Glasgow home even though they haven't been there lately after all of the festivals and European shows they've done this summer. And to say they've been well received is an understatement. They have amazing chemistry and are effortlessly in sync for such a new band.  "One of the things that brought the three of us together is our love for classical songwriting" says Mayberry in a recent online interview.  But to me, I guess what they call classical I call ...SYNTH, and lots of it, especially in this song "The Mother We Share". This song has a dramatic yet simple feel with sparkling synth, courtesy of master keyboardist Iain Cook.  But I assure you Mayberry's bright and rich vocals are not lost, they seem to cut through with perfect tone and pitch. And her poignant lyrics keep you engaged "I'm in misery where you can seem as old as your omens and the mother we share will never keep your proud head from falling"...words to ponder for sure.  I do love their passion, depth and overall energy. They have toured with Boston's own Passion Pit and they are not shy to declare their appreciation for Depesche Mode...which makes perfect sense.  Take a listen...

From their debut album available now The Bones of What You Believe this is "The Mother We Share"