Hozier - Take Me To Church

It's about sex. Do I have your attention now?

Andrew Hozier Byrne. Challenges his Catholic upbringing

Gospel on a rock station.  It happens.  Of course I can’t think of when, but it’s happening now and not only at Boston’s Alternative, Radio 92.9 but all over the world. 

Andrew Hozier Byrne—a 24-year-old Irishman who goes by his middle name, is oooozzzing with serious passion.  His debut, "Take Me To Church" as he explains in an online interview, is about sexuality. "There is no greater celebration of life, and nothing more human than a sexual act." (Amen). So can we surmise that the song is intended to send a message against anyone or entity that condemns sexuality? (Like, church, especially the one in which he grew up, The almighty Catholic Church) Well, yes.  Because he says, it’s a simple matter of humanity.

So there’s the heavy part, the lighter fare is the sound, although hardly light.  It is HEAVY in vocals and like I said passion.  Bluesy, great with feeling and meaning and frankly, different!  A joy to the ears. 

Way to go Andrew.  You are one of a kind, but may your words be heard so you won’t be so unique and standing alone on such pure human content. I love this song not just because it sounds good but because it is fearless and forces us to evaluate human nature. Check out Hozier Take me to Church. Amen, Amen, Amen.

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