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  • Modest Mouse - "Lampshades on Fire"

    Thinking about retirement?

    Modest Mouse, the great indie band out of Washington state who's name came from a Virginia Wolf story "The Mark on the Wall" where she writes...something about the "minds of modest, mouse-coloured people", has a new song after 7 years and it is far less cerebral than the inception of their name.  "Lampshades on Fire" their first song from their forthcoming album Strangers to Ourselves, begs Isaac Brock's question, 'so where to now?"  Just as i suspected, we are all going to hell. Read More

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  • Foo Fighters - Sonic Highways

    NO BOSTON? What what what?

    Sonic Highways is the Foo Fighters’ forthcoming eighth studio album due out November 10th. The album contains eight songs, each one was recorded in a different “musically influencial” US city – Austin, Texas; Chicago, Illinois; Los Angeles, California; New Orleans, Louisanna; Nashville, Tennessee; Seattle, Washington and Washington DC. Now, here’s the rub, (or, should I say, what rubs me the wrong way). There is not one northeastern city. No Philly, no New York (unheard of) and of course what’s most confusing to this Boston native is…no Boston! Read More
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Random links from Amy Brooks  

1.  So Tyler Glen of Neon Trees is gay. Old news, but give credit where credit is due, when he came out he had to face his conservative Dad. Here's the heartfelt letter he wrote.

2.  Omg- gotta love Fallon. I adore how excited he gets about music.  Check out this video of the Chili Peppers's drummer vs. Will Farrell on The Tonight Show's drum off...YOU decide who wins: 

3. Faith No More does The Commodores proud.  And it's soooo "Easy": 

4. "Soaked in Bleach" new documentary which visits the distinct possibility that Kurt Cobain's deathh was NOT a suicide. Here's the trailer.  Looks awesome

5. Lorde doing "All Apologies" with Nirvana Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony. Pretty awesome.