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  • Big Data - things that make you go hmmm


    This New York electronic pop duo has been called paranoid.  which makes sense, after all  they were incarnated thanks to the hazards of the internet in respect to our privacy as users. For example- we all forget that whatever info we share (on FB for example) is being watched and since we are being watched, can this info we so willingly share be one day used against us?  Ok, food for thought. Hmmm. Interesting I say.  Are we talking about a band?  Indeed.  A smart one.  I like music and the musicians who create it that makes me think. F*ck the "shut up and sing" movement of times past. No, they have my interest here... Go on Big Data.  Apparently, their fact finding tells us that the NSA (National Security Agency) is watching our every move on the wonderful world wide web.  So Daniel Armbruster and Alan Wilkis have a purpose and a theme, big brother is watching and they took it upon themselves to make us aware. Now, as this all sounds very poignant and serious and deep, their video and even this new song is less so.  In fact the video seems quite tame until the blood and gore starts, note to self.  Aside from their powerful, thought provoking name and message, their song "Dangerous" does have a playful yet appropriately ominous bass line. So I say, don't be too scared. Listen with an open mind right here on the very same internet about which the band is so very paranoid. Irony is best served with a side of "oh well".  No matter how dangerous. Read More

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  • How to fake it - World Cup Soccer,

    crazy terms to know that could make it seem as if you know a thing or 2

    GOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL! That's an easy one. I started playing soccer when I was 8 and played through my days at UNH, but that in no stretch makes me an expert.  In fact, I decided to write about the specific terminology and slang terms the announcers and players managers, owners and fans (true fans aka Ultras) use after hearing one announcer using terms like equalizer, pitch, tiki-taka and woodwork. Some terms baffle me, some make sense (sometimes/sort of) but they all have helped me at least sound like I know what the hell I'm taking about.  Read More
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1.  So Tyler Glen of Neon Trees is gay. Old news, but give credit where credit is due, when he came out he had to face his conservative Dad. Here's the heartfelt letter he wrote.

2.  Omg- gotta love Fallon. I adore how excited he gets about music.  Check out this video of the Chili Peppers's drummer vs. Will Farrell on The Tonight Show's drum off...YOU decide who wins: 

3. Faith No More does The Commodores proud.  And it's soooo "Easy": 

4. "Soaked in Bleach" new documentary which visits the distinct possibility that Kurt Cobain's deathh was NOT a suicide. Here's the trailer.  Looks awesome

5. Lorde doing "All Apologies" with Nirvana Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony. Pretty awesome.