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  • Bleachers - I Wanna Get Better

    Why am I such a skeptic? A trio is formed years ago, they sound great, end up with a handful of huge songs that people love and which will be heard for years to come on the radio, yet when one member splits off I roll my eyes. My knee jerk reaction is to say-what's the point? Even the great Eddie Vedder, it's true, I am mostly disinterested in his solo stuff. It' like a female sports reporter, the bar gets raised even HIGHER for that poor woman (although this is a terrible truth, not one I at all agree with). Read More

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  • Rolling Stone Has Their Lists, I Have Mine

    Albums to look for this spring and summer

    We all love a good list. Just look at Roliing Stone magazine. List after list. Top 50 this, top 100 that... We could do a list of the best Rolling Stone lists. But instead I thought you'd appreciate my list of bands with new albums to look for due this spring and summer. In order of release date....not necessarily preference. Read More
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Random links from Amy Brooks  

1. Black Keys support hometown youth baseball! Love it.  Can take the boys outta Akron but, can't take the Akron outta the boys.

2. Fiona Apple: singer-songwriter, pianist and super villian?  Indeed.  Check out this most bizarre low budget video of what she's been up to lately.

Intriducing Teco Apple on "H-Men":

3. Said I'd post this.  Just an F'd up picture if you ask me of Anthony Keidis running with his 22 year old girlfriend.  He looks like he's some homeless guy bothering her as she runs through the park.  Haha

4.  NO DOUBT doing "Big City Train" live at the Ford Theater in 1989!  I think i had those pants.

5. "Soaked in Bleach" new documentary which visits the distinct possibility that Kurt Cobain's deathh was NOT a suicide. Here's the trailer.  Looks awesome