Atlas Liquors Wine of the Month

Atlas Liquors

   My grandfather started Atlas back in the 30s, my mom and aunt took over as soon as they were old enough, and now my brothers and I have the honor!  From our three locations in Medford, Quincy, and Roslindale, we offer an amazing selection of wines, specialty spirits, and micro brews.

We're forever finding and featuring stuff you won't see everywhere at prices you won't believe! Our customers love the fact that we take the time to get to know them: what they like and don't so that when it comes to recommending something, we're spot on.  Don't be bamboozled by the box stores!  Shop with my brothers and me at Atlas Liquors in Medford, Quincy, and Roslindale and see for yourself what's kept my family in business since the end of prohibition!

Do you want to learn more about wine? Atlas Liquors has teamed up with Radio 92.9 to showcase their wine of the month! Check out the videos above to learn all about the featured wines including pairings, prices, tasting notes and more! Just a few minutes with Natalie from Atlas Liquors and David O'Leary and you'll be a wine connoisseur! 

A Sip in the Park Event