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Sublime with Rome Rooftop and Poolside

Private Radio 92.9 show at the Colonnade Hotel, Boston

Rome Ramirez is hardly bothered by the pearls of sweat dropping off of his forehead, perhaps it's the view, perhaps it's the respect he has for the gig he's got and his band mates to his right (Eric Wilson) and left (Josh Freese) or it could just be the girls in bikinis everywhere.  I don't think he lost his smile and no one lost their's, (I know mine was firmly in place) for the entire afternoon. Sublime with Rome played an effortlessly stellar afternoon set before their Bank Of America Pavilion show Monday night and everyone walked away wondering, what just happened?  Were we in LA?  Vegas?  Miami?  Nope clearly the Pru in the background gave it away but the hot sun and the cool live tunes from a pieced together Sublime band (now "Sublime with Rome" officially after a post Bradley Nowell lawsuit to protect the original band name) seemed to this Boston native, clearly, NOT very Boston-esque!  It was an event that is the catalyst for what to live up to and expect from our hot and getting hotter radio station (pardon the summer pun). It brought together what RADIO 92.9 takes pride in most...MUSIC, BOSTON and...YOU!  Thank you Rome, Eric (bassist and only original member since the departure of Bud Gaugh in 2011) and Josh (current drummer who walked out of there leaving his bongos behind!) for keeping the Sublime spirit alive and for bringing it rooftop and poolside at the Colonnade Hotel for our humbled radio family and friends (or listeners aka "Radioheads").  Just another money can't buy experience from Radio 92.9.  Love. This. Job. Here's an amature vid clip of "Santeria" which I filmed from my phone, just to give you the feel for what it was to be there.  If you were there, thanks for coming!  If not, then keep listening because like death and taxes, it is certain, there will be more Radio 92.9 shows like this acoming.  Happy summer xo -Amy

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  1. DeniseH_6 posted on 07/09/2013 03:02 PM
    That was a great afternoon, Rome sounded awesome! Thanks radio92.9!
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