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The Cult's Ian Astbury is Still Dangerous

My lesson learned, don't laugh at a 1984 mullett

I'm not a particularly young woman.  But on the upside, I have seen a lot of music and I have lived through the 80's when it was either synth or hair bands...but let us not forget the 80's punk rock existence with Joy Division, The Clash and yes, The Cult.  The outspoken, Ian Astbury reminded me that punk rock was more of a state of mind than it ever was a sound.  And who am I to argue?  He is a persuasive fellow.  Despite his pointed opinions, I must say I am hard pressed to find another band that has played in this town (The Cult stopped here many a time in the 80's and early 90's and Ian has fond memories of the shows they've done in Boston) with a more unique sound. "Love Removal Machine", "She Sells Sanctuary" these are awesomely original songs.  Simple yet mind blowing.  Afterall, the band was a part of a UK music scene that helped SHAPE rock music as it is today which ought to exist with the attitude to match.  This unflappable, intelligent, passionate lead singer and songwriter explains this and so much more.  I loved talking with him and when I was through, I smoked a cigarette and took a cold shower.  

Check out some of the things that make him unique in my conversation with Ian Astbury just before his August 2013 House of Blues, Boston performance with The Cult. Gotta love the part where I have to back peddal big time after daring to snicker about long time freind and lead guitarist Billy Duffy's "dangerous" blonde mullett (circa 1983). 

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