Pearl Jam; a "Toast-worthy" Evening

David Ortiz, Eddie Vedder and God

In an effort to keep this simple here is a list of what you can expect at tonight's 2nd  PJ show in Worcester.  It was a concert experience that felt more like a family gathering to toast and bask in the clear evidence of how much this band means to us and how much the feeling is mutual.

Logistics first…

-Do yourself a solid and park PAST the DCU for the best prices, screw paying $30 for the lots right off the highway, go past the DCU for $20 (or cheaper) parking. 

-Tickets say 7:30, show started at more like 8:30. Was a cluster F getting in there, but who the hell cares! what else were you doing that night? 

-Then jump in the nearest beer line, you will wait 45 minutes no matter how far you walk around searching for a shorter one.  

-Now that you're settled in- here's what we had Tuesday night…

-Eddie with a Boston Strong patch on his sleeve, spoke of how much we, Boston and this area, has been on his mind.  And how he can't understand the violence because he figures at some point the whole world will need each other.  

-It was a true sing along with a warm outpouring of appreciation mirrored back n forth from fans to band throughout the first 3 songs especially "Release", "Long Road" and "Elderly Woman…"

-These 2 shows here in Boston (ok Worcester) fall on night 1 and 2 of the release of their new album "Lightning Bolt" which has gone to #1 in 54 countries already, as Eddie said "on the iTunes".  

-Theme of the night, "toast-worthy" moments.  Eddie coined that phrase with his signature 1-3 bottles of red wine as he kept requesting toasts with us throughout the show. We toasted to being friends of the band as well as friends with each other, to the Red Sox, to how music connects us and the list goes on and on. 

-Eddie called for the house lights to be on 1/2 way through, which brought us all even closer to the band and closer to each other, great persepctive.

-Their stage set was simple! No long video production/distraction, no light show or pyrotechnics. Just a few hanging lanterns which rappelled from the rafters during certain songs, which Eddie also used as a rope swing. 

-I believe the guy behind me was weeping through "Save You", which made me feel less alone with my own damp eyelids.

-Eddie spoke of Pearl Jam's good fortune to have a friend in Theo who got them tickets to that infamous ALCS game 2 at Fenway 2 nights prior when a "miracle happened" and that he does now indeed believe in God…"and his name is number 34, David Ortiz". Crowd goes wild and then they rocked Betterman.

- I have never been to a rock concert when the lead guy speaks, you could hear a pin drop, Eddie Vedder commands a room, effortlessly and humbly with wit and caring, then in a flash and a Mike McCreedy chord, goes down to the depth of his vocal range and lows a mesmerizing note without missing a single step.  

-1.5 hours in, the first set was done, but in true Pearl Jam form, Eddie says, "whenever we come to this area we play really long shows".  Regardless, I will admit that after 2 encores (12 songs in total) and a final tally of 32 songs complete, I found myself sad that it was over…the true test of a most incredibly successful rock band, if you ask me, are the ones who play for 3 hours and leave you wanting.  

-Their sound is flawless and effortless and big and thoroughly original. 

-Eddie said after reading off several of the 54 countries who put them at number 1 on iTunes, that they may not be back for a while because they'll be busy having to tour the world.  Boy, I hope that's not true.

-Enjoy the show and if being there wasn't in the cards this time, then let's say I'll see you there next time. #love