Hey! It's my first blog post!

Since this is my first blog post, I thought I's start with a little bit about myself because if it's going to be according me, Amy, some background might be a good place to start.

Although my dear Mother probably wouldn't agree, I find it funny how failing Macro Economics my freshman year at UNH put me into this wonderful world of radio. Born and raised in Needham, MA (Go Rockets!), I have had an obsession with the music industry since I could say “The Big Mattress.” (a WBCN reference.) I quickly switched my college major to my obsession and here I am.

I’ve been on the air at over a dozen radio stations in every format in several different cities doing every single day-part over the past 25 years, but none of which am I more proud than my part on Radio 92.9. I eat, drink and breathe this music and all that surrounds it, but have never had one favorite band. U2 maybe? Weezer? Pearl Jam? It's like choosing a favorite child, impossible to do, and really unnecessary. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to greats like Sting, Stephen Stills, Patti Scialfa, Billy Corgan, Adam Duritz, John Mayer, Lenny Kravitz, Ed Kowalczyk of Live, David Byrne of the Talking Heads and, most recently, Imagine Dragons. Fun, fun, fun. So many bands to see and play on the radio, so little time.

It’s pretty tough to embarrass me, but mission accomplished after my WBOS Willie Nelson interview in 2000 when he said goodbye with an open-mouthed kiss. Alrighty then. Or after an interview with Nomar Garciaparra in the dugout at a spring training game in Fort Myers circa 2001, I was flattered that he asked me to meet him and some of the players after the game. So I brought him a little token, a beautifully-wrapped piece of chocolate. Apparently he’s ALLERGIC to chocolate! Who knew?? He probably thought I was trying to poison him. Never heard from him again and months later he was engaged to Mia Hamm (the 'ho...kidding, of course).

I can’t live without cashew nuts, tomatoes, cheese and ice cream. I could go to the movies each and every day, I love the outdoors even in snow and cold but would rather be at the beach, I swim, ski, play tennis, golf (double digit handicapper, gotta work on that), I played Div 1 soccer at UNH and I'm a long-time tortured Boston sports fan.

Listen for me on Radio 92.9 where I will give you some truly amazing “money can’t buy” experiences. Not to mention new Radio 92.9 music, concert tickets and more. So, welcome to my blog. Also check out my new "personality page" here. There you’ll get music news, song picks, concert info (check out my video "Amy's Concert Corner" produced by the awesome Julie Kennedy), links to exclusive band interviews and webcasts, plus links to my social world too.

In my spare time, I lend my voice to Bose, The New England Patriots (All Access and pre-season), Sprint, WMGQ and WJRZ in NJ, WHMS in IL, New Pro Windows, Wells Fargo, FM Global, Met Life, Champion Exposition, 99 Restaurant and really anyone who asks. Strangely enough, no 900 numbers on my resume, but tomorrow is another day.

I'm a single mother of two exceptional girls (says their mother) ages 6 and 4, who love music and radio as much as I do. They are working diligently on the art of having an inside voice, sharing what's theirs and an overall notion of patience... just as their mother is.

Comments and conversation, music ideas and expereinces are always welcome. It's my job to listen. And boy, do I love my job :)