Justin Furstenfeld goes solo and is the "perfect gentleman"

Live from Boston Harbor with Radio 92.9

You want to make the ladies weep? (or the guys for that matter).  Just take this man's advice: "Believe you can shine when you're silver and I promise you gold."  I can't recall a more intimate moment between a rock star and his audience than I experienced on this particular glorious Sunday afternoon on Boston Harbor with this brilliant lead vocalist/guitarist of Blue October.   And aside from a gorgeous day and his beautiful acoustic set, Justin Furstenfeld behind the stage was equally as endearing.  What a pleasure he is.  His set was touching, honest, music truly moving and he was funny and glowing with appreciation.  No wonder fans are so committed, and so very much excited to his new release called "Sway" on Up Down/Brando Records, available for purchase August 20th.  Justin takes care of his fans the same way he does a song.  Attentive and inspiring and wanting to give back.  With that in mind, he arranged for Radio 92.9 to put up a link to preview Blue October's new album in it's entirety all this week, until the day it goes on sale.  Check it out here and let me know what you think. https://soundcloud.com/blueoctoberband/sets/sway-album-stream-on-radio-92/s-CZGf7  

Then prepare for the band's return to Boston this December where Radio 92.9 will hand you another one of a kind experience where you can hear his "words pour like children to the playground..." and as much as Justin moved you with the sun sparking off the harbor, remember...the feeling is mutual because as he says so well: "You Make Me Smile"