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Resolving to stop calling people names...

(New Years Resolutions are for Dummies)

We are all good intentioned.  Which is why I believe New Year's resolutions are so...impossible.  Sure lose weight, exercise, save money, get out of debt, be a kinder person (Really?  If you need to resolve to do that, there's little hope)...these are noble but perilously wasteful. Just look in the mirror and believe that you are a good person no matter how fat you are or how much you owe and you will have a good year.  Don't believe me?  Well how's this, put simply, New Year's resolutions are just a set up, not necessarily for failure, but for hipocricy.  If you think you need to lose weight or be a better person then that must mean you don't LIKE yourself in your current state.  So I say ask yourself, "Self? If I DID lose weight, exercise and let that person into my lane at Roche Brothers or on 128, will I THEN like myself?"  We put too much pressure on how we THINK we are supposed to be, so I say just be who you are and if others don't like it well then they probably won't like you and that will be your due.  I guess what I happen to think is probably irrelevant, however, since you've read this far into my drivel let me say this.  Have fun and be yourself.  Your parents didn't raise you to be an a**hole so don't waste your time resolving not to be.  Just stop being one.  That and listen to more good music.  

Happy 2014 my friend.

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