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How to fake it - World Cup Soccer,

crazy terms to know that could make it seem as if you know a thing or 2

GOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL! That's an easy one. I started playing soccer when I was 8 and played through my days at UNH, but that in no stretch makes me an expert.  In fact, I decided to write about the specific terminology and slang terms the announcers and players managers, owners and fans (true fans aka Ultras) use after hearing one announcer using terms like equalizer, pitch, tiki-taka and woodwork. Some terms baffle me, some make sense (sometimes/sort of) but they all have helped me at least sound like I know what the hell I'm taking about. 

Pitch = field

Stoppage time = added time to the end of a match as determined by officials after injuries and other time lost. why on earth they just don't stop the clock during the game idk. 

Match = game 

Draw = tie match

Equalizer = goal that makes teh score even

Clean sheet = when a team or keeper does not concede a goal during the match. 

Boots = cleats

Studs = not the 22 hard bodied men on the field, but the small points on the bottom of the players' boots. 

Silverware = trophies won, kinda like what we often call "hardware"

12th man on the pitch = refers to a complaint that fans will have when a referee was consistentently biassed toward one team.

Woodwork = common description of the goal postsand cross bar, for ie: "the ball came back off the woodwork" 

Booter = a player who can kick the ball very far, do not use this you will sound dumb. 

Brace = 2 goals for one player in one game

Hat Trick = 3 gaols for one player in one game (just like hockey)

Tiki taka = one touch short passing style of play, started in Barcelona and with the Spanish National team

Hospital Ball = when 2 players are gloing for the ball at the same time and it ends badly for one or both men. 

Ultras = term started in Europe, is a type of fan showing notable and fanatical support of their team.

Got more? (There are tons) feel free to contribute.  

And hopefully the USA won't be involved in any hospital balls or heartbreakingly hit the woodwork against Germany. I mean it sure would be nice to get some silverware, I think we have a chance so long as there's no 12th man on the pitch, right? Wouldn't it be a thing of beauty if the US could end with a clean sheet on Thursday afternoon?


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