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Amypalooza - Dead Bands Reincarnated

Bands that rocked before they died.

Am I morbid for thinking about my dream Lollapalooza of dead artists? I know the answer but hear me out- with Lollapalooza in our rear view mirror (Aug 2-3 Grant park, Chicago) a festival of tremendous musicians alive and well, I thought what if I were to formulate my very own –Lollapalooza of great dead bands who either no longer exist thanks to the angel of death or they are trying to exist even after a major death in the band….I hope you will find it as fascinating as I did to read through how these great rock stars came to pass. And it’s not even Halloween….
Here we go
Amypalooza (Dead Bands Reincarnated)

The Plasmatics (Wendy O’Williams)
Crazy punk band who formed at Yale University…Wendy was epicly insane which I thought initially was a good thing until she attempted suicide two times and was successful on the 3rd with a gunshot to the head. 3 is a charm they say.

Sublime (Bradley Nowell)
The quintessential ska punk rock band of the 90’s. They attempt to carry on with Rome Ramirez, who’s got some cred but let’s face it with only their bassist left we can’t pretend it’s still Sublime. Brad was a victim of his own addiction, heroin overdose.
Amy Winehouse
Speaking of addiction…London born award winning singer songwriter Amy Winehouse. After her well done song about going to rehab (or not going) it didn’t seem surprising that alcohol poisoning was her end.

This was one of my favorite bands when I was young, so to hear of the band’s beautiful and talented lead singer, Michael Hutchence’s untimely self inflicted death by hanging well, I’m still not over it. Maybe INXS could open Amypalooza.

The Ramones
With no living original members and a true respect in the music world I would like to give these guys a co-headlining position in my dead bands reincarnated show plus big kudos for no one in the band actually having that name.
All premature deaths are undoubtedly tragic but Freddie Mercury really took top billing in tragedy. Dying of AIDS right at the height of it all in 1991 and rocking an entire music community. There is no substitute sorry Adam Lambert.

Michael Jackson
Was it assisted suicide or accidental homicide? Hmmm. I suppose there is only 2 guys who’d know ; one is dead and the other just got out of jail after 4 years on manslaughter and I’m guessing he ain’t talking.

Ah ha you didn’t think I’d think of Jam Master Jay did you? Ahh but Run DMC would not and simply could not replace his DJ skills. JMJ was shot and killed in NY in ‘02 and they never caught the guy who did it. Bastards.
Pantera – Damageplan
Speaking of being shot. Wow this is a story that you can’t deny for it’s bravado. Dime Bag Darrell was playing bass on stage during a Damageplan show in Ohio when some psycho came in with a 9m Beretta and started unloading, killed a bunch of people including Darrell on stage. Not much of a Pantera/Damageplan fan however he gets my vote to start over at my show.

Alice In Chains
Save the best two for last. One of the greatest talents in rock and roll and undervalued because of his short stay with us, Layne Staley gone the way you’d think a rock star of his caliber might, OD’d. One of the most disturbing part was that he wasn’t found for over 2 weeks. Love this band, and although William Duvall has been doing a bang up job on vocals as his replacement, well nothing/no one actually ever will. Also not to forget Mike Starr who died more recently thanks to pills.

Well we all know what the police reports say Kurt Cobain, death by suicide, shot gun and enough Heroin to kill Elvis 6 times. The band dissolved completely, immediately and understandably. And soon after The Foo Fighters became king. That’s all good, but what and where would Rock music be had Kurt been in it for the long haul? We will never know but I can imagine him center stage, hair all screwed up rockin’ a frayed green sweater at my dead bands show.

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