Rolling Stone Has Their Lists, I Have Mine

Albums to look for this spring and summer

We all love a good list.  Just look at Roliing Stone magazine.  List after list.  Top 50 this, top 100 that... We could do a list of the best Rolling Stone lists. But instead I thought you'd appreciate my list of bands with new albums to look for due this spring and summer.  In order of release date, not necessarily preference...


Manchester Orchestra     COPE



John Frusciante (RHCP)     ENCLOSURE  



2 disc set; 18 Demos recorded during sessions for their Uno! Dos! Tres! album trilogy which will be released on Record Store Day to help promote the little guy (record stores). Will be available on red and clear vinyl, of course cd but ALSO…cassette! Cool.  



This will be their 3rd full length studio album. Inspired by Tyler Glenn's feelings of depression after their success with their 1st two records and the therapy that mad him happy again.  He says Pop Psychology is a "be happy with who you are record, with sex sprinkled in"


U2     (Title TBA)

Yeah sure. April. Unlikely. Their first song, "Invisible" has been released but that's it. They keep pushing the album date back further into the future.  The band assures us it'll be this year, maybe summer.  2 new producers for this record and probably some growing pains in the studio…that's my guess.  But I'm a big fan, so I can be patient. I'm also guessing it'll be a 2015 world tour.  


Natalie Merchant     NATALIE MERCHANT

Really. After all this time Natalie is not only back but she has finally titled a record after herself. Still it's on my list because of my appreciate of what she and the 10,000 Maniancs did int he 80's.



This is her 14th studio album! Unrepentant Geraldines shows off her love of visual art and as i understand it, the album cover will support that.  Sure, probably stuff you may never hear on the radio, just another reason to buy the record. She plays Boston's Opera House Aug 15th.  


Coldplay     GHOST STORIES

so far reports are this album is totally different than most everything we've heard form this band, complete with synth and beat beds. Perhaps that's in part thanks to their new producer Paul Epworth who also works with Florence and the Machine, Adele and Bruno Mars.  


Linkin' Park     THE HURTING PARTY

Only recently named this album has been promised to rock.  In a recent conversation with Chester, he said that although he appreciates the new wave of music out there ie: Chvrches and Haim, he and the band agreed it was time to do something a little more in your face. Which I happen to love.  


Weezer     (Title and date TBA)

Best for last.  Due this summer, they are working on it right now.  It'll be their 1st new effort since 2010 and will again involve producer Ric Ocasek lead guy from Boston's legendary band The Cars, (he also produced Weezer's Blue and Green albums).  First song has been debuted in a live performance they did recently on one of their Rock Cruises. Check it out here.  It'ss verrrry….Weezer.