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    Amy Brooks' job as your on-air and behind the scenes host at Radio 92.9 is to deepen your music experience any way she can. She's so excited to be able to include you, Boston's most passionate music fans in concerts, meet and greets backstage and in pre-show events, plus in-studio interviews and webcasts with Radio 92.9 artists. Amy wants to hear from you. As she says, "Don't be shy...I'm not!" She's looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Here Amy Brooks gives her spin on music including new releases, band news, album reviews and live show recaps. As a Boston-raised tortured local sports fan, Radio 92.9 on air host and music junkie Amy has no shortage of things to share.

Foo Fighters - Sonic Highways

NO BOSTON? What what what?

Sonic Highways is the Foo Fighters’ forthcoming eighth studio album due out November 10th. The album contains eight songs, each one was recorded in a different “musically influencial” US city – Austin, Texas; Chicago, Illinois; Los Angeles, California; New Orleans, Louisanna; Nashville, Tennessee; Seattle, Washington and Washington DC. Now, here’s the rub, (or, should I say, what rubs me the wrong way). There is not one northeastern city. No Philly, no New York (unheard of) and of course what’s most confusing to this Boston native is…no Boston! Read more...

Amypalooza - Dead Bands Reincarnated

Bands that rocked before they died.

Am I morbid for thinking about my dream Lollapalooza of dead artists? I know the answer but hear me out- with Lollapalooza in our rear view mirror (Aug 2-3 Grant park, Chicago) a festival of tremendous musicians alive and well, I thought what if I were to formulate my very own –Lollapalooza of great dead bands who either no longer exist thanks to the angel of death or they are trying to exist even after a major death in the band….I hope you will find it as fascinating as I did to read through how these great rock stars came to pass. And it’s not even Halloween….
Here we go
Amypalooza (Dead Bands Reincarnated)

How to fake it - World Cup Soccer,

crazy terms to know that could make it seem as if you know a thing or 2

GOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL! That's an easy one. I started playing soccer when I was 8 and played through my days at UNH, but that in no stretch makes me an expert.  In fact, I decided to write about the specific terminology and slang terms the announcers and players managers, owners and fans (true fans aka Ultras) use after hearing one announcer using terms like equalizer, pitch, tiki-taka and woodwork. Some terms baffle me, some make sense (sometimes/sort of) but they all have helped me at least sound like I know what the hell I'm taking about.  Read more...

Rolling Stone Has Their Lists, I Have Mine

Albums to look for this spring and summer

We all love a good list. Just look at Roliing Stone magazine. List after list. Top 50 this, top 100 that... We could do a list of the best Rolling Stone lists. But instead I thought you'd appreciate my list of bands with new albums to look for due this spring and summer. In order of release date....not necessarily preference. Read more...

Resolving to stop calling people names...

(New Years Resolutions are for Dummies)

We are all good intentioned.  Which is why I believe New Year's resolutions are so...impossible.  Sure lose weight, exercise, save money, get out of debt, be a kinder person (Really?  If you need to resolve to do that, there's little hope)...these are noble but perilously wasteful. Just look in the mirror and believe that you are a good person no matter how fat you are or how much you owe and you will have a good year.  Don't believe me?  Well how's this, put simply, New Year's resolutions are just a set up, not necessarily for failure, but for hipocricy.  If you think you need to lose weight or be a better person then that must mean you don't LIKE yourself in your current state.  So I say ask yourself, "Self? If I DID lose weight, exercise and let that person into my lane at Roche Brothers or on 128, will I THEN like myself?"  We put too much pressure on how we THINK we are supposed to be, so I say just be who you are and if others don't like it well then they probably won't like you and that will be your due.  I guess what I happen to think is probably irrelevant, however, since you've read this far into my drivel let me say this.  Have fun and be yourself.  Your parents didn't raise you to be an a**hole so don't waste your time resolving not to be.  Just stop being one.  That and listen to more good music.   Read more...

Pearl Jam; a "Toast-worthy" Evening

David Ortiz, Eddie Vedder and God

Here is my re-cap of Pearl Jam. DCU Center, Worcester, MA Tuesday October 15, 2013. In an effort to keep this simple here is a list of what you can expect at tonight's 2nd PJ show in Worcester. It was a concert experience that felt more like a family gathering to toast and bask in the clear evidence of how much this band means to us and how much the feeling is mutual. Logistics first… Read more...

The Cult's Ian Astbury is Still Dangerous

My lesson learned, don't laugh at a 1984 mullett

I'm not a particularly young woman. But on the upside, I have seen a lot of music and I have lived through the 80's when it was either synth or hair bands...but let us not forget the 80's punk rock existence with Joy Division, The Clash and yes, The Cult. The outspoken, Ian Astbury reminded me that punk rock was more of a state of mind than it ever was a sound. And who am I to argue? He is a persuasive fellow. Read more...

Justin Furstenfeld goes solo and is the "perfect gentleman"

Live from Boston Harbor with Radio 92.9

You want to make the ladies weep? (or the guys for that matter). Just take this man's advice: "Believe you can shine when you're silver and I promise you gold." I can't recall a more intimate moment between a rock star and his audience than I experienced on this particular glorious Sunday afternoon on Boston Harbor with this brilliant lead vocalist/guitarist of Blue October. And aside from a gorgeous day and his beautiful acoustic set, Justin Furstenfeld behind the stage was equally as endearing. Read more...

Sublime with Rome Rooftop and Poolside

Private Radio 92.9 show at the Colonnade Hotel, Boston

Rome Ramirez is hardly bothered by the pearls of sweat dropping off of his forehead, perhaps it's the view, perhaps it's the respect he has for the gig he's got and his band mates to his right (Eric Wilson) and left (Josh Freese) or it could just be the girls in bikinis everywhere. I don't think he lost his smile and no one lost theirs, (I know mine was firmly in place) for the entire afternoon. Sublime with Rome played an effortlessly stellar afternoon set before their Bank Of America Pavilion show Monday night and everyone walked away wondering, what just happened? Read more...

Wtf IS...Calling All Crows??

Bring on the music and the good deed doers

Hey Radioheads- Just wanted to share this info about Radio 92.9's involvement with this amazing non-profit effort by Chad of State Radio. “Music is a strong force in building community and bringing people together,” -Jen Hallee Director Calling All Crows. (Bravo Jen!) Read more...

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