Hey, it’s Jason Rossi. I just hosted the Boston Magazine Amstel Light Battle of the Burger 2 years now, and I'm excited to host for the 3rd year on August 13th. I've had a chance to try more than 100 of the best burgers in the greater Boston area. After all those burgers, I believe I have Boston's best burger taste buds!

Now I’ve started a burger club (uniquely titled Jason’s Burger Club). In this club, we are going to find the best-tasting, most unique and coolest burgers out there. Join my burger club for exclusive invites to burger tasting events, deals on burgers, restaurant gift certificates and more!

This month check out the Hard Rock Cafe Red, White and Blue burger, as well as their signature burgers.


Meet the Boston Burger Blogger

Richard Chudy - Boston Burger Blog

Greetings, Burger Lovers!

I'm Richard Chudy, the beef eater behind the Boston Burger Blog and the resident burger blogger here at Jason's Burger Club. I'll be blogging here and sharing my blog posts from the Boston Burger Blog to keep you well informed about all things burger in Boston.

Burgers are a culinary piece of our past, present and future. They are a nod to American history and a staple of our lunch and dinner plates. We find them in all shapes and sizes and topped simply or with a myriad of toppings.

Here in Boston, the burger uproar is as alive and well as it’s ever been; the gourmet burger has taken shape even if our heart lies with the backyard burger we all know and love. As we slowly ditch the grills for the year (minus the few brave souls who continue to grill during a snowstorm), our taste for all things beef on bun never seems to fade, and there are options aplenty all over this fine city to please the burger purist, adventurer and fast-food junkie alike.

We plan to focus on thoughtful commentary, recipes and more, and want to hear about your favorite burger experiences, both past and present. This column promises to explore all of the best and beefiest burgers out there, with a side of fries. This is just the beginning, folks, so stay tuned for more of the good, the bad, and the griddled.

Boston Burger Blog

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    In a world where food has been reserved for celebrity chefs, wannabe chefs, home cooks and food nerds alike, our interest in all things culinary is at an all-time high. We’ve even labeled those with a greater interest with the dreaded “foodie” title, but for all of the influences both foreign and domestic, foie gras and terrines, burgers are still the item that keeps us talking. Maybe it’s because every time we taste America’s greatest sandwich we can each distinctly recall that first bite some time ago when we fell in love. Read More

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