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The Todd Biggins Band

Band Members: Nate Staub - Guitar, Chris Franzen - Drums, Duncan Pelletier - Keys and Vocals, Chris Reilly - Bass

Click here to listen to "Love Shoes"

Bio: Just a few funky guys trying to pay tribute to a fallen brother. When we first met Todd Biggins, we thought he was such a jerk. But as we got to know him and jam with him, the true spirit of his enigmatic personality began to shine through. By the time Todd passed away, we had been officially hired as his backing band. After the shock wore off, we didn't know what to do. Then we came to the conclusion that there is no better tribute to Todd's memory than to continue going out there and playing his songs. All the songs were written by Todd and originally sung by him. Duncan, who had never sang before, has stepped up to fill the vocal duties. We hope you enjoy the music and R.I.P. to our brother and dear friend Todd Biggins. We play for you!

Our Heineken Earthfest Battle of the Bands 2013 winners!

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