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City of Squares

Band Members:
Jenna Paone- Vocals/Keys
Jon Francis- Drums
Bill Ferri- Bass

Bio: The music of pop-rock band City of Squares is ferocious and sophisticated all at once. Built upon a crooked tower of blues and soul, their distinctive brand of modern rock comes complete with edgy riffs, sultry undertones, danceable grooves, and attitude to spare. The band, which consists of Jenna Paone (Vocals/Keys), Jon Francis (Drums), and Bill Ferri (Bass) has been taking the East Coast by storm over the past two years, making their way from the cobblestone streets of their hometown, Boston, to the nitty-gritty New York City alleys and the dignified avenues of Washington DC. They released their debut EP in the spring of 2011 and are currently at work on a new recording project, as well as plans to expand their touring ground. As they set their sights on playing big cities and small towns everywhere, they stay committed to one thing: making great music for anyone who wants to hear it. For more information about the band, please visit www.cityofsquares.com or www.facebook.com/cityofsquares.

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