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Air Traffic Controller

Band members:
Dave Munro/Guitar/Lead Vocal
Richie Munro/Drums
Steve Scott/Keys/Guitar/Vocals
Casey Sullivan/Bass/Banjo/Vocals
Kiara Ana Perico/Violin
Alison Shipton/Violin

Click Here to Listen to 'The One'

Bio: Serving in the US Navy as a real-life air traffic controller, singer/songwriter Dave Munro sent home 4-track demos he had written and recorded during his deployment. With his enlistment up, Munro returned to hometown Boston and discovered an impressive number of fans, prompting the genesis of the aptly-named rock band Air Traffic Controller. One of Dave’s demos reached LA-based singer/songwriter and record producer William McAuley, aka Bleu.  Munro states; “I was floored to find out one of my musical heroes wanted to produce us.  With Bleu onboard, the production is much more epic” and in December of 2009 the band released its debut album, The One to a zealous audience.  Accolades and award nominations soon followed as well as positive coverage in publications such as Business Week, Performer Magazine, The Boston Globe, and The Boston Phoenix.

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