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Band Members: Paul Cowgill (vocals, acoustic guitar), Mike Truskowski (piano, backup vocals, trombone), Dan Weissman (mandolin, backup vocals, trumpet), Leeann Hackett (violin), Ryan Rivers (bass guitar) and their newest member, Joe Pess (drums).

Click here to listen to "Plans"

Bio: “...should have no problem finding favor with fans of the rootsier side of rock’s tracks” - My Old Kentucky Blog 

COWGILL - an eclectic, indie folk rock group hailing from Boston - released the Kickstarter-funded debut, Side One of Planted, on 17 May 2012. Penned by frontman Paul Cowgill and arranged by the band, the music hovers between an upbeat pop sensibility and a darker folk rock side, with their first single drawing comparisons to Wilco’s “lush arrangement of strings, acoustic guitars, and plodding drum lines” (MP3.com). 
Their blend of indie rock and folk music nimbly hops between many forms - from 60s rock to newgrass - and none are spared on their debut release. Recording for the Side Two of Planted begins as soon as the band can scrape together enough money, on the heels of their August 2012 tour through the Midwest and East Coast.
 The band formed in June of 2011 and has been steadily winning over the hearts and ears of fans ever since. 
“[Paul] has the ability to sing with the genteelness of a folk idol while retaining a controlled manic energy just beneath the surface, waiting to erupt into one of his many pop-laden choruses.” Hillman adds, “…it’s the musicians and instrumentation that encompass Paul Cowgill’s folksy pop melodies that truly differentiates this indie-rock sextet” - Allston Pudding.

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