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Band Members: Jessica Prouty - Lead vocals, bass
Cam Pelkey - Drums
Jon Suh - Guitar
Jansen Manning - Guitar

Click here to listen to "Set Me Free"
Bio: Take four very different musicians:
+ Jessica, lead vocals and bass, a Northerner who likes Southern Rock
+ Cam, drums, hardcore music lover with plugs in his ears
+ Jon, rockstar from Ohio, met at NAMM
+ Jansen, blues his specialty, moved here from Indiana to go to Berklee
..put them together in a band for five years ...touring New England from small venues to large...living hilarious, sad, boring, and exciting moments ...creating memories for their audiences and you get a heavy modern sound with a hint of classic rock.
And the songs. The songs tell stories. The new CD has tracks that tell stories of escaping, trusting someone to always be there, hate, hoping for a friend to be OK, and of losing a love until the summertime.
When you listen, you will hear technical double-kick drumbeats, mad guitar solos, complementing keys, and clean melodic vocals with some rasp thrown in when needed.
All the Jessica Prouty Band's CDs were produced by Brian Maes, owner of Briola records. He is a former member of the Billboard charting RTZ and songwriter of the top 20 Billboard hit, When Your Love Comes Back Around. He opened for Aerosmith and for U2, and he toured around the world with Peter Wolf: he knows the music biz. He currently has his own band and also is the lead singer and keyboardist for Ernie and the Automatics.
The whole story has not yet been written. Discover them and help write the story...
Visit Jessica Prouty Band's website at http://www.JessicaProuty.com/.

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