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Roz Raskin and The Rice Cakes

Band Members: Roz Raskin: keyboard, guitar, bass
Justin Foster: bass, guitar, keyboard
Casey Belisle: drums, guitar, bass

Click here to listen to "Floor Boards"

Bio: The Rice Cakes began in 2006 when 17-year-old Roz released her solo album The Ecotones. Recorded by friends in kitchens, closets, and living rooms, the album was pressed and released by Roz out of her bedroom. The album sold over 500 copies throughout Providence without any professional distribution.
Roz began playing throughout the North East with good friend and bassist John Cairo. The pair developed a staunch local following with the help of their sweet melodies and charismatic stage show. It wasn't long before they met Casey Belisle, a friendly and talented drummer playing in a progressive noise band.
The Rice Cakes were born.
The Rice Cakes recorded "The Crunch EP" in the winter of 2008 and toured the following summer. The first Rice Cakes album, The Friend Ship, was recorded in the winter of 2008 by Matt Decosta (of Formal Action) in his living room. Once Cairo left the band in the Sping of 2009, the Rice Cakes enlisted the shredding talents of one Justin Foster. Foster added a sharp edge to the Rice Cakes unique sound. Th Friend Ship was released to a sold-out crowd on August 26, 2009 at Firehouse 13 in Providence. the album has recieved stellar reviews from listeners and critics alike.  The band embarked on a successful tours all throughout 2010 stopping at all sorts of DIY shows, venues, and festivals.  And on September 11, 2010 the group released their EP Feel Like Human in Providence and plan on touring with the EP while recording in RI and touring throughout the US in 2011.

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