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Friday, September 19

Without Warning 

Band Members: Ian Raposa - Vocals/Bass Guitar 
Keith Conway - Lead Guitar 
Darryl Santana - Rhythm Guitar/vocals 
Nate Lavins - Drums

Click here to listen to "Lost"


Without Warning is a rock band from Massachusetts, which formed in 2013. The band consists of lead vocalist and bassist Ian Raposa, rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist Darryl Santana, lead guitarist Keith Conway, and drummer Nate Lavins.  They are currently in the process of recording their first EP (no set release date), and have finished filming a music video which should be released by the end of August.  Their songs have been featured on local radio stations such as WAAF Bay State Rock with Dave Crespo, WEMF with Robby Roadsteamer, and Indie Scene Radio with Gerg Anidem.


33 Leaves

Band Members: Ryan Wilcox - Vocals, Guitars
Reggie Bates - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Joe PIsco - Vocals, Bass Guitar
Dan Bates - Drums

Click here to listen to "Monsters"


 The Massachusetts band 33 Leaves plays indie rock with emotional pull, soaring flights, gnarly riffs and experimental flourishes. In 2012, they recorded two EPs: "Medication Nation" - a grim picking-over-the-bones of 21st century American life, and "Stories," a raucous and bluesy collection of songs that explored the darker sides of life and love. The band is currently writing and recording a full LP to be released sometime in 2013.



Band Members: Sariah - Vocals

Click here to listen to "Aware, Alive, Awake"
Bio: If there's one thing Queen of Hearts Sariah knows how to do, its tell love stories. Sariah grew up in Massachusetts, where she began piano lessons at five and vocal and dance lessons soon after. Whitney Houston was an early inspiration. “I was drawn to how Whitney blended tremendous vocal power with gut wrenching soul. She was a true diva who sang from the heart and delivered in a way that made others feel it in theirs.”
Sariah felt destined to be a diva too. However, she would not follow Houston’s path. She wanted to carve one all her own. That meant finding her own truth to sing.



Craig DeMelo "The Whiskey Poet"

Band Members: Craig DeMelo - Guitar, Vocals

Click here to listen to "Spinning"

Craig DeMelo has made a name for himself in New England and beyond as a versatile, passionate, and eclectic singer/songwriter, who can spin a ballad, paint a picture, blast out a rock song, or even freestyle. If his album, The Whiskey Poet, catches your ears, it’s his live show that catches your imagination and keeps you coming back for more. 

The 32 year old has been playing stages from coast-to-coast since 2002. He’s been to every major club in New England, opening for such National Acts as Howie Day, Hootie and the Blowfish, Matchbox 20, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Less than Jake, and Griffin House. He’s also had three successful tours in California in 2007, 2008, and 2009. Along the way, he's written over 100 songs. 

Fans will tell you that every Craig DeMelo show is different. On any given night, Craig is liable to break into an impromptu song in whichever genre he is the mood to play. His ability to mix music together and create off the top of his head has become a staple in his live show. His lyrical spontaneity (and his love of Jack Daniel’s) caused one fan to dub him “The Whiskey Poet.” 

Today, Craig is continuing to play extensively to support his debut, solo album. The 12-song disc has quickly become a fan favorite. The range of songwriting ensures that there’s something that everyone can enjoy. Ask 10 people at a show to name their favorite song and you may get 10 different answers. But while The Whiskey Poet CD is a good introduction to Craig’s smooth voice and introspective lyrics, The Whiskey Poet’s live show is what sets him apart as an artist.


Ben Knight

Band Members: Ben Knight - Vocals, Keys

Click here to listen to "I'm Not Dying Yet (The Blues)"
Bio: Ben Knight has been banging on instruments since he was a kid. He started with the pots and pans until his parents broke down and bought him a drum set. In high school, he started playing piano, but he slammed on it like he was playing drums. Today, he still performs classic hits from the early days of blues and rock and roll and he's playing harder than ever, in addition to writing and recording his own material. He released an EP in 2013 titled "Breaking the Keys" that was completely funded by teaching piano lessons and street performing in Boston, and has just recently released a second EP called "Any Strand of Hope." Both were recorded in Syracuse NY and feature full band arrangements and horn sections. He is currently focused on writing the best rock and roll songs ever made and creating the best live show ever seen.



Dan Masterson

Band Members: Dan Masterson - Vocals, Piano

Click here to listen to "Fine"

Bio: Dan Masterson is a Boston-based performing songwriter with dynamic vocal presence, unusual songwriting intuition, and captivating performance energy. While drawing on his country and singer-songwriter roots, Dan seeks to push the boundaries of piano-centric pop and rock.

Masterson’s debut release, THE FATHER TIME EP, led him to a 10-week summer tour in the United Kingdom, where he honed his solo performance in front of fresh audiences, including festival-goers at the famed Edinburgh Fringe.

Dan brings an intense emotional depth to his upcoming sophomore release, LEARN TO LIVE. From a sweet, crooning serenade, to a powerful belt, Masterson constructs his songs with a high level of soul and sentimentality, drawing the listener into each song and inspiring a mutual emotional understanding.

Website: http://www.danmastersonmusic.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DanMastersonMusic
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/DanMastersonMusic
Twitter: @Dan_Masterson

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