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Sunday, September 21

21st Century Fugitives

Band Members: Jimmy Bezreh-Guitar   
Jackson Kehoe- Keys  
Jaden Mendola - Bass   
Gavin Burke - Drums   
John Lucas - Vocals

Click Here to Listen to 'Let Me Go'

Bio: The 21st Century Fugitives is a young American alternative rock band formed in Boston MA in 2011.  Their style blends the hard driving energy of punk rock with incredibly catchy melodies and killer blues and rockabilly guitar riffs.  Crowds love their high-energy live performances in the Boston area and beyond.

Their newly released EP, "Regret Nothing" is now available on iTunes and Amazon.com. 

The Tymes

Band Members:
Jon McNamara- Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar/Harmonica/Piano
Connor Wyke- Lead Guitar/Drums
Ben Andrews- Bass
Mike Dee- Drums/Guitar

Click here to listen to "No Longer Waiting" Live from the Hard Rock

Bio: Based out of Westford, MA The Tymes' music is inspired by rock and roll, funk, jazz, blues, and reggae. Mike, Connor and Jon have been playing music together since 2006. All four, however, have all been friends since they were much younger . Now, they are fusing their ideas and talents together to create a cohesive sound all thier own. Music is a passion for all of them, and with the constantly changing times, The Tymes like to keep it real when it comes to writing and performing good old rock and roll music. For updates on when you see The Tymes live be sure to like them on Facebook.

Rula Bula

Band Members: Johnny Gwynn- Guitar/vox
Tyler Gwynn- Drums 
Tim Wadman- Guitar/Vox   
Jamie Hardy- Bass/Vox 

Click here to listen to "Something Fierce"

Rula Bula's sound has been described as everything from having Oasis style licks with a punk attitude to creating grooves that keep the dance floor moving. Formed in 2006 by Johnny and Tyler, they have been writing and recording their own music and playing shows around New England. After playing as a two and the occasional three piece, they added a bass player, Jamie, who had played with john in the past, and another guitar player, Tim, a friend from high school, completing the quartet as full time members. The group is currently working on a full length album which they expect to release in the next few months followed by a tour that could take them across the US and across the Pond.


Band Members: Lindsey Kyte - Vocals
Paul Pipitone - Bass, Vocals
Dan Inzana - Guitar, Vocals
Ben Thompson/Dave Lowe/Bryan Yebba - Drums

Click here to listen to "Draggin' Me Down"

Bassist Paul Pipitone had been on the local circuit for several years and was looking to do something new that combined elements that were dynamic and jarring yet still accessible and melodic. Initially, he wanted to combine punk, art rock, goth and funk and was hoping to find people not afraid to branch out from static one-dimensional rock sounds.

A kindred spirit was found in Dan Inzana who took on lead guitar duties in the fall of 2008. Dan is also a veteran of the local Boston rock scene. The two instantly connected and the playing/writing styles and personalities complimented immediately. Dan’s style is a combination of alternative and atmospheric, while still maintaining a soaring driving feel that changes on a dime.

Enter Lindsey Kyte, classically trained soprano extraordinaire. From the second she belted out her first note, it was clear she was the voice and front person we had been looking for. Lindsey resides in Lowell, MA where she has performed in two of local choir groups. Lindsey cites her inspirations as the power of Simone Simons from Epica, the range and control of Sarah Brightman with the haunting style of Amy Lee of Evanesence. Using these styles and mixing them with her unique and sometimes quirky personality - Lindsey brings a new sound that compliments the band in new and exciting ways!


We Were Astronauts

Band Members: Antonio Casasanta - Lead vocals, guitar
Christopher Rando - Bass, vocals
Steve Paddock - Drums
Tim Corrigan - Guitar, vocals

Click here to listen to "Outside Boston"

We Were Astonauts is a four piece indie rock band hailing from Milford/Boston, MA. Antonio Casasanta (lead vocals, guitar) Tim Corrigan (guitar, vocals) Chris Rando (bass, vocals) and Steve Paddock (drums) have been playing together since the summer of 2011. Before forming this band, these musicians could be seen throughout the local and national music scene playing in other bands such as Duc'n It Easy, Reign Fall, Fourcast, and some other groups. Coming from such rich and diverse musical backgrounds, when combined, each person brings a unique influence to the experience that is We Were Astronauts. We have a yearning desire to create new, memorable, creative, and dance worthy music that appeals to a wide audience. 

We released our debut full-length record Outside Boston recorded and mixed by Chris Mara and mastered by Tommy Wiggins at Welcome to 1979 studio in Nashville, TN. The record was released in January of 2013 in various digital formats on iTunes, CD Baby, CD Freedom, Spotify, Tunecore, Amazon, and other online. The CD as well as other band merchandise can also be found in our online store. 

Arms and Ears

Band Members: Rocco D'Angelo - Vocals/Guitar, 
Alex Martin - Drums/Percussion, 
Theresa Cleary - Vocals/Violin,
Casey Sullivan - Vocals/Guitar,
Nicholas Castucci - Bass Guitar,
Chris Mansi - Keys/Synth

Click here to listen to "Soon"

Arms and Ears on paper is an Indie/pop/rock band that suddently emerged within the Boston music scene. In actuality. Arms and Ears is the head of a longterm artistic and musical collaboration between singer/songwriter, Rocco D'Angelo and drummer, Alex Martin. Drawing influences from different genres of music, from indie rock to pop electronica, Arms and Ears sculpts a sound that is distinctly their own, yet it somehow satisfyingly familiar. In their debut EP "Call a Search" they showcase their skills in simple yet affective songwriting, catchy vocal melody, and dynamics. They also put on an extremely energetic live show filling to the brim with raw emotion and catharsis. Be sure to catch this band at one of their very frequent shows in Boston!

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