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We're sure you're wondering who the people are behind the mic talking to all these bands are? Meet Jason & Amy!

Jason was born and raised in Boston (well a bit north, but Boston gives him credit). A lover of music, TV (is known as the TV Guy, in certain circles), and when he has time Women.. at least that's what he tells himself.
Jason has never been short on words, and has numerous detention slips for talking too much during elementary school. His passion for music and talking lead him to the Connecticut school of Broadcasting and then to intern for Radio 92.9. Jason also doubles as the Radio 92.9 Promotions Coordinator, with that comes riches and fame...(well neither really...) but it does give Jason the creative control to work his graphic design, video editing, and overall wacky personality into what Radio 929 does (just ask him about the time he dress up like a leprechaun.)
Have a question for a band? Let Jason ask it for you!

Although her mother probably wouldn't agree, according to Amy, failing Macro Economics her freshman year at UNH put her into the wonderful world of radio. “I went from doing what I was told I should do, become a business major, to forging onward toward a life I knew I’d truly love.”  Born and raised in Needham, MA Amy has been an obsessed radio junkie and musicaholic since she could say the words "Big Mattress” (a past WBCN reference). A Boston radio veteran and voice talent, Amy’s 25 year radio career has taken her all over the country doing almost every different format. “Years ago, after a WBOS interview with Willie Nelson, I was given a most memorable gift; an open mouthed kiss good-bye from this seasoned music legend.  Made me wonder, was the interview THAT great or does he slip the tongue to all the ladies??”  

Nothing though has been more fulfilling than her relationship with Radio 92.9 and all of the “tremendous musicians old and new who are championed here”, she explains.  Humbled by the musicians she meets and grateful for the opportunity to bring artists up close with their fans, has been the “most rewarding part of my career.  It feels as if I am helping complete the circle” she explains.

In addition to her job as host and interviewer, Amy also compiles a weekly concert report. Check out Amy’s Concert Corner here.

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