After celebrating 25 years as the world's leading music industry event, the SXSW® Music and Media Conference is back to continue the tradition in 2012. Reaching a quarter of a century of being the biggest and most anticipated convergence of all things music, SXSW is ready to keep the reputation alive by programming an even better event each year and Radio 92.9 brings you fresh live coverage of the all the Sights and Sounds of Austin!

Last year's event introduced us to acts like Foster The People, Awolnation, Grouplove and many many more! We're excited to bring you the who's who of breaking artists in the music industry! Be sure to check back on this page daily to find out who's stopping by the Radio 92.9 Rock Suite for interviews and live performances the week of March 13-18!

Radio 92.9 is thrilled to cover The Outlaw Roadshow 2012 as part of this year's South by Southwest event! Thanks to our gracious hosts Ryan's Smashing Life and Adam Duritz's (Counting Crows) Tyrannosaurus Records for letting us be a part of what is sure to be the best party of SXSW 2012! If you're headed to Austin, be sure to RSVP to join us at Rusty's 405 East 7th Street!


Heartless Bastards Young Buffalo
Brown Bird Son of the Sun
Jukebox the Ghost Filligar
Flights Hey Marseilles
Runaway Dorothy JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound
Kasey Anderson and The Honkies You Won't
Gentlemen Hall OldJack
Dave Godowsky Tender Mercies
Mellow Bravo Casey Desmond
Field Report

Bringing Austin back to Boston with Crystal & Peanut Butter

Day 1 - March 13th (and a little bit of March 14th too!)

Night one of SXSW is in the history books and oh what a night it was! First stop was Stubb’s for the Media Temple SXSW Interactive closing party to check out Twin Atlantic -First, I got say that there's just something magical about Stubb's... It's definitely world famous for a reason! It's an open air venue with a large fenced in yard. (Picture a place outdoors the size of Boston's House of Blues ...gone country.)

I don't think I've  ever seen a bad show there! The sound is amazing and there's not a bad view in the place. In full disclosure, the first show I ever saw there was a secret performance from Foo Fighters so it's possible the lasting impression of it's epic-ness may have swayed my view on the place. But i digress...

Tuesday night at Stubb's is definitely an interesting place. The interactive portion of Sxsw comes to a close this day and all the nerds converge on the place for one final hurrah. (As a tech geek at heart, I say that with love.) So what is usually the Interactive closing party amounts to one hell of a kick ass kick off party for us kids there for the music conference!

So like cattle, we all filtered in thru the main gates at Stubb's to come across Twin Atlantic taking the stage. Their album 'Free' was just released here in the states this week so for many, it was a first taste and definitely a special day for the band.

Their set was tight and sounded impeccable. The crowd was captivated, hanging by every note the guys played. The venue has this large sail-like canopy coming off the stage that makes the perfect canvas for mesmerizing lighting effects. Songs like Free and Yes I Was Drunk were real crowd pleasers (not just for the appropriate titles being the themes of the night..)

It was then off to Hype Machines “Hype Hotel”. First band on: Miniature Tigers who hail from Phoenix, Arizona. Combining an indie rock sound with a synthy danceable beat, these guys were a perfect band to introduce us to the packed venue. To get a taste of Miniature Tigers, check out their new album “Mia Pharaoh”.

Up next was Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. who have one of the funniest most unique band names. The crowd cheered and swayed as the three member band put on an electric and high energy show.

Stay “tuned” because we open up the Radio 92.9 Rock Suite today with an interview with Neon Trees. SXSW coverage continues all week.







My schedule at SXSW is as diverse as my CD collection. Some musts for this year: Imagine Dragons, Of Monsters and Men, Foxy Shazam (missed them in Boston...hear it is an experience), Frank Turner, Electric Guest, Dead Sara (who blew me away at Sunset Sessions), fun, Twin Atlantic (third SXSW in a row I will be checking them out), Kimbra (want to see how she is sans Gotye), Neon Indian (to get my dance on), SXSW Keynote Speaker Bruuuuuuuuuce and so many more.

I also like to check out some of the "guilty" pleasure type shows and parties (you are already there, so why not)...MTV Woodie Awards, some hip hop shows (yes ICP and Paul Wall are calling my name), maybe even Howard Stern's "America's Got Talent" which will be taping in Austin during SXSW and don't forget the countless parties to make an appearance at for the free food and drink.  Above all for me though is the camaraderie and relationship building. I look forward to hanging with people I might only see this one time a year so that is super important.